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Becoming a member of the Manchester & District Beekeepers’ Association brings it’s own benefits and rewards and is open to anyone in the Greater Manchester and Lancashire area who keeps bees or wishes to learn the craft of beekeeping. (If you are renewing please select the tab on the left for the type of membership required).

Please select one of buttons below for the type of membership you require:

Full Membership

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Postal Membership Form

Three Types of Membership

  • Full Registered Membership – for those who keep bees and wish to take a full part in all aspects of the Association.
  • Partner Membership – for those who reside as a second member of the same household. Partner Registered members enjoy all the rights of full membership, but will not receive the BBKA News.
  • Social Membership – for those who wish to belong to the Association, but do not require BDI or BBKA Public and Product liability insurance. Social members do not have any voting rights, but will receive copies of the ‘Manchester Bee News’.

Full and Partner Membership Benefits

  • Information and advice on beekeeping.
  • Use of club facilities.
  • Beekeeping Courses and Training
  • Public and Product Liability Insurance for Member
  • Regular Membership Magazine – MDBKA News
  • Book Library and Information
  • Bee Disease Insurance via the BDI Ltd (Full only)
  • BBKA Membership
  • BBKA Magazine (Full only)

Please download the Postal Membership Form for full details.

We normally request that the ‘Introduction to Beekeeping’ course is completed prior to joining as a Full or Partner member. This is due to the high volume of new members each year and we are sometimes unable to accommodate high numbers on our practical beginners training evenings.

For further information about becoming a member or about the Association, please: