Improvers Course 2022

This is open to all beekeepers who are members of MDBKA and have kept their own bees for 2 full seasons.

The start date will be Monday 18th April 2022 at 6pm and the course will run for 6 weeks.

Numbers will be restricted to a maximum of 30 A charge of £25 per person will be made – primarily to cover the costs of additional equipment etc.

The aim is to develop a deeper beekeeping knowledge designed as a follow-up to our beginners’ course, helping existing beekeepers to improve their skills. You will be encouraged to work independently carrying out the different procedures and manipulations and sharing thoughts/ideas.

We hope to cover a number of key issues:-

  • To identify and examine the management requirements of a full-sized honey bee colony
  • Shook Swarms
  • Bailey Comb Changes
  • Spring Clean
  • To look at the importance of Spring inspections to gauge the health and needs of the expanding colony
  • The impact of disease on the hive
  • The importance of monitoring disease
  • Consideration of the ‘stress’ issue and its impact on disease and hive health
  • Swarm Control – pre-emptive and reactive

BOOKINGS can be made through the website in the usual way with payment being taken via PayPal.

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Any queries? Contact our Training Officer Peter McEvitt –