The association is reopening the Equipment Store for sales from 19/06/2020 onwards each Thursday between 10.00am and 12.00pm.

To ensure that everyone remains safe members are asked to follow the following guidance:

  • bring a printed copy of the order with them and check that all items are present on their copy
  • please note, equipment cannot be collected without a prior order
  • arrive at the car park to the rear of the Dower House and wait until there is room to park safely
  • maintain safe distancing (2 meters) at all times when getting out of the car and when moving around the car park etc
  • wear disposable gloves (beekeeping ones) when making the purchase
  • wait your turn for the collection of your purchase in your car, this may take a few minutes so please be patient
  • act as directed by Frank and maintain social distancing from him and the equipment store
  • pay for the purchase using a credit or debit card and a card machine
  • agree who will be placing your order in your car and keep your distance until all items of equipment have been collected

Contact Information in case of pick up problems:

Before pick up due date:  0161 336 0828

During pick up time:  0743 462 7139 (please leave a text rather than a voice mail if the phone is not answered)